Future Leaders Program Cycle April 2015


Dear Candidates,
Future Leaders aims to help young university graduates to enhance their career possibilities in search for employment.

The knowledge hub of FUTURE LEADERS platform offers a unique learning experience in team building and leadership development that promotes a culture of individual and corporate responsibility.

Teaming up with seasoned executives from major enterprises, Future Leaders provide integrated solutions for the benefit of selected NGOs.

The program involves graduates, (or Graduate School of engineering) and postgraduate students or graduates from master’s up to 32 years-old.

We would like to inform you that we have started receiving applications for the FUTURE LEADERS Spring Cycle 2015 which will be carried out between 22/04/2015-03/05/2015.

Here are all the dates for the 2015 cycle:



Please fill in the application form electronically here and send it along with your CV and contact details of your teacher to info@futureleaders.gr or abarda@futureleaders.gr

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