Who We Are

Being socially responsible is a matter of respect towards ourselves, the people we associate, as well as, the community we interact.

Future Leaders idea is an initiative of companies and individuals that believe in young people’s potential and advocate that the future belongs to competent and socially responsible executives.

Future Leaders supports graduate and post-graduate students from Greek and foreign universities in order to incorporate them in to the labour market and eventually become the “Future Leaders”.

Future Leaders offers a unique and complete program which includes/offers:

  1. Professional Profile Evaluation.
  2. Improvement of skills and traits.
  3. Guidance from experienced and high profile employees from major companies.
  4. Practical contribution of social work through volunteering work in social and environmental projects.
  5. Technical Training Program on business analysis, problem solving, decision making and collaborative leadership from local and internationally established companies.
  6. Paid Internship in highly established Greek companies.

This innovative program gives an opportunity to companies and organizations to participate through their executives, contribute to society by preparing the leaders of tomorrow, reinforce their social awareness and embrace new ideas.