Leadership & Coaching Skills Seminar

Business Coaches are an integral part of the Future Leaders Program, as they play the critical role of coaching Future Leaders in their effort to deliver excellent project work to the NGOs.

Business Coaches are executives from various companies and functions, who have at least 2 years experience in managing teams. They are selected for their openness to transformational experiences, their willingness to learn new things, their positive attitude and their interest in volunteering and supporting NGOs.

Besides offering Future Leaders their valuable knowledge and experience, Business Coaches also undergo a development journey of their own.

During the first part of the Future Leaders Program, they participate in a 4-day Coaching Workshop on valuable leadership attributes and skills such as self-awareness, emotional intelligence, leadership styles, coaching skills and managing group dynamics.

During the second part of the Future Leaders Program, they are given the opportunity to apply newly acquired knowledge and skills in a real-life, out-of-comfort situation, as they coach Future Leaders to deliver their NGO projects.

The program is highly experiential, providing participants with opportunities to practice, receive feedback, and discuss the role of coach, with the support of experienced coaches.

Here is what Business Coaches gain from their participation in the Future Leaders Program:

  • A better understanding of their personal strengths and areas for development
  • Self-awareness of the impact they have on others and key areas for improvement
  • Further development of existing skills and confidence when using coaching as a key element of their role
  • Knowledge and skills development in active listening and questioning, relationship building, managing diversity, giving feedback, enabling insight and learning in their teams
  • Identifying and setting goals for themselves and their team members and focusing on actions and outcomes
  • Experience in using coaching models, tools and techniques both in theory and practice
  • Sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences through networking with peers from other companies and inspired graduates
  • The satisfaction of volunteering in a process that enhances corporate responsibility and builds the leaders of tomorrow
  • The experience of an informative, challenging, worthwhile and enjoyable experience
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